12 Pack Of Knicks Comments


What can I say? I like the 12 Pack format. Here is a quick hitting one to help familiarize you with some of your editor’s thoughts on the 2012-2013 New York Knicks.

1. I was an unabashed fan of the Carmelo Anthony trade and still remain one to this day.  I do think you can win a Championship with Anthony as your lead player. Call me an ANTHONY APOLOGIST.

2. Can the Knicks win a title this year? Not if LeBron James keeps playing like a demigod. Yet, I do like how this team compares to the Dallas Mavericks team who knocked off the Miami Heat in the Finals a few years back. It is hard to feel encouraged right now after a weak run before the All-Star break but if the threes start falling again and the defense picks back up, who knows?

3. I dread a match-up with Chicago in the playoffs.

4. Just want to make sure our videos are uploading correctly. Good? -

5. I like Iman Shumpert as a player right now and his future potential but he is FAR from un-tradeable…especially on a team with a 2-3 year championship window.

6. Where has Jason Kidd’s spot up three point shot gone?

7. I have been pleasantly surprised by Amare’s offensive efficiency and his embracing of coming off the bench. His rebounding still leaves something to be desired and I’d like to see more effort from him on defense, especially when he is only playing 20-25 minutes per night.

8. Is there anything better than a Tyson Chandler slap back?

9. I am not against shaking up the starting line-up right now. It is stagnant both offensively and defensively.

10. I want no part of Boston in the first round (who the Knicks would play if the season ended today). As long as they have Paul Pierce, that is a terrifying match-up. Give me Atlanta. Give me Brooklyn. Give me Milwaukee. Give me Indiana. No Boston. No Chicago.

11. The Knicks aren’t going anywhere unless Raymond Felton is healthy and productive. Their offense can’t function without him. Give me him over Jeremy Lin every day of the week.

12. I don’t think we are going to see any more Rasheed Wallace this year and that is just a travesty.

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