2013-2014 Season Preview – New York Knicks vs. The Northwest Division


Since staring at the schedule isn’t making the 2013-14 season get any closer, TOK is breaking down the New York Knicks’ games by division. We continue with the Northwest Division.


Last Year: The Knicks split with Denver last season, unfortunately including a putrid 23 point loss on the road leading to a series “LOOK HOW MUCH BETTER OFF DENVER IS WITHOUT MELO” articles…the Nuggets then preceded to get knocked out in the first round…again.

This Year: Home – February 7th, Away – November 29th

What To Expect: Plenty of booing in Denver for Carmelo. The Nuggets added Nate Robinson and JJ Hickson this off-season but it still remains hard to see them as anything better than first round fodder out West.


Last Year: The Knicks swept the T’Wolves, with Carmelo Anthony combining for 69 points between the two games.

This Year: Home – November 3rd, Away – March 5th (ESPN)

What To Expect: If fully heathy, the Timberwolves will be a handful, especially now after adding Kevin Martin, Corey Brewer and Ronny Turiaf (well…not him). The Knicks get them in their 3rd game of the season at MSG, which will be a nice little early test.


Last Year: The Knicks swept, thanks to the now immortalized KURT THOMAS GAME.

This Year: Home – March 7th, Away – March 31st

What To Expect: No more Kurt Thomas, sadly. The Jazz are actively part of the Andrew Wiiggins chase so these should be very winnable March games for our Knicks, unless Trey Burke goes all March Madness on their backcourt.


Last Year: A split. Two terrific games, including a banner late season win for the Knicks that was iced by this JR Smith bomb…

This Year: Home – December 25th (ABC), Away – February 9th (ABC)

What To Expect: Merry Christmas! A pair of ABC games because the nation just can’t get enough of Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook racing to 140 points.


Last Year: The Knicks were swept by the Blazers, including an ugly 15 point loss on the road as Ray Felton failed to get revenge on the ever angry Portland fan-base.

This Year: Home – February 5th, Away – November 25th

What To Expect: The Blazers remain firmly in the, “good enough to be above .500 but not make the Western Conference Playoffs” territory. Enjoy! Let’s hope the Knicks can at least get one from them this season, eh?

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