2013-14 Season Preview – New York Knicks vs. The Atlantic Division


Since staring at the schedule isn’t making the 2013-14 season get any closer, TOK has been breaking down the New York Knicks’ games by division . We end it with the most important one, the Atlantic Division.


Last Year: Knicks won season series 3-1 and First Round of playoffs 4-2.

This Year: Home – December 8th, January 28th, Away – December 13th, March 12th

What To Expect: It still feels great to say that the New York Knicks were able to take down the Celtics in the playoffs, but I’m sure Boston will be looking for revenge. However, with a brand new NBA head coach and without their locker room leaders, revenge will be hard to come by. While I do think Boston is being a little underrated because of their offseason losses, these are still very winnable games for the Knicks. We won’t have to hear anything about the KG-Melo blow up, but Anthony may have some choice words for Jordan Crawford.


Last Year: Season series was split, 2-2

This Year: Home – January 20th, April 2nd, Away – December 5th, April 15th

What To Expect: Fireworks. Fisticuffs. Blown up media coverage. Playoff-like atmospheres. These teams will be duking it out for first place in the division and will leave everything on the floor. No matter where you’re from or who you root for, the battle of New York will be worth watching.


Last Year: Season series was split, 2-2

This Year: Home – January 27th, April 16th, Away – January 28th, April 11th

What To Expect: The Knicks suffered a couple of embarrassing losses too the Raptors last season, and the only way to avenge it is by taking the season series. It’ll also be interesting to see if anyone in Toronto has any respect left for Andrea Bargnani. Expect a lot of booing.


Last Year: Knicks won season series, 3-1

This Year: Home – January 22nd, March 10th, Away – January 11th, March 21st

What To Expect: All four of these games are must wins for the Knicks. The 76ers are just as interested in what Andrew Wiggins is doing as they are in their on court product. No excuse for losing games to a rebuilding franchise like this, whether it’s a division foe or not.

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