3 Knicks Who Would Flourish in the Triangle Offense


The hiring of Phil Jackson signals that the Knicks may run the mysterious triangle offense next season. Fellow staff writer, Max Marcilla, explained the nooks and crannies of the system earlier in the week, but which players on the current roster would fit best with it? Read on to find out.

Amar’e Stoudemire- Power forwards with similar skill sets to Amar’e thrive in the triangle offense (think Pau Gasol and Horace Grant). Amar’e has a budding back to the basket game that was a cultivated under the helpful eye of Hakeem Olajuwon. His versatile offensive game combines his strong post up game and reliable mid range jump shot. The triangle is predicated on giving players touches in the post. Amar’e developed a respectable post game which will allow him to become a focal point in the Knicks offense. The Knicks offense will shift from being reliant on the three point shot, to stressing interior scoring.

Iman Shumpert- Frustration is mounting for Knicks fans regarding the development of Iman Shumpert’s offensive talents. The triangle offense caters to players that can move without the ball and also make the mid-range jump shot. Shumpert’s two greatest offense strengths are as an athletic slasher, and his dependable mid-range jumper. Knicks fans are hoping that Shumpert, under the tutelage of Phil Jackson and their new coach, will mold him into Ron Harper 2.0.

Carmelo Anthony- If Anthony re-signs with the Knicks, his offensive capabilities will be magnified in the triangle offense. The isolation part of the triangle fits his talents because when the shot clock is winding down, it calls for the ball to be in his hands. Unlike the dysfunctional offense of Mike Woodson, the triangle does not rely solely on isolation plays. Isolation in the triangle offense is only necessary when the shot clock is under five seconds. With the excellent spacing required in the offense, Melo will have an easier time scoring in isolation sets.  The triangle offense makes star offensive players more efficient (think Kobe and MJ). With Melo consistently posting on the block, he will have an uptick in free throws and efficient jumpers. The offense will utilize Melo’s superb mid-range and his lethal post up game.


What other players do you think would thrive in the triangle offense? Let us know in the comments section below!

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