Carmelo Anthony Made Second Team All-NBA


Regardless of what the HATERS want to say, it was a damn good season for Carmelo Anthony. He won the NBA scoring title for the first time, helped the Knicks to 54 wins, the Atlantic Division title and 2nd best record in the Eastern Conference, knocked off the rival Boston Celtics in the playoffs…and can now add a Second Team All-NBA honor to the list.

The NBA announced its First, Second and Third Teams today, with MVP LeBron James and Kevin Durant nabbing the forward spots on the First Team ahead of Anthony. That’s nothing to hang your head about, Melo.

The teams were:



A few initial takeaways from this:

  • The teams most likely to win this season’s title – the Heat and Spurs – have multiple players on these lists. Remember, this matters. The Thunder had two players as well, but lost one of them due to injury and are now out of the playoffs. The Lakers had two as well, but one got injured and they were coached by Mike D’Antoni. The Clippers also had two, but…
  • Blake Griffin making the Second Team over Paul George is a joke. The only thing Blake Griffin is better than Paul George at is making awful Kia commercials, dunking in meaningless games and hanging out with Bill Simmons. And maybe ping pong, I don’t know.
  • Fourteen of these 15 players are on Twitter. Tim Duncan is the only one who’s not. Thank god for that.

It’s only Anthony’s second time on the Second Team, last doing so in 2010. He’s made the Third Team four times.

Since the Knicks were bounced from the playoffs by the Indiana Pacers, we’ve also learned that Melo played the tail end of the regular season and entire playoffs with a torn labrum. I’m not trying to make this out to be more than it is, but Anthony was certainly playing injured. He deserves some credit for doing so, and it might just go to show how much better he is than most of his teammates, given that he was far and away their best player in the playoffs despite the bum shoulder.

It didn’t end how we wanted it to, but Melo still deserves credit for putting together a great season and playing a major role in getting the Knicks farther along, more relevant, and more successful than they have been in a very long time.

Kudos, brah.

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