Game Preview: Bobcats at Knicks


Friday Night Knicks! The Knicks and their shiny 15-27 record, highlighted by a 5 game losing streak host the Charlotte Bobcats and their 19-25 record. DON’T WORRY! The Knicks are only 3 games behind the Bobcats for the Eastern Conference’s final playoff spot.

The Bobcats actually kick-started this recent stretch of awful Knicks basketball by beating them a little over a week ago in Charlotte. In reality this shouldn’t have been too surprising, Charlotte is genuinely a better team than the Knicks this season. That is what we have come to at this point. If the Knicks are losing by double digits at halftime, is Mike Woodson back for the second half? If they lose…is he a pre-game host on TNT by this weekend’s Knicks/Lakers game?

The Knicks frontcourt rotation should be interesting tonight. No Andrea Bargnani (HE CAN FLY). No Kenyon Martin. No Metta World Peace. A banged up Amare Stoudemire. Tyson Chandler isn’t 100%. Al Jefferson could be gearing up for the fantasy basketball night to end all fantasy basketball nights and Kemba Walker is usually good for a monster game against the Knicks plodding defensive backcourt.

Most Knicks fans would be content with a healthy dose of Toure Murry, Jeremy Tyler, and Tim Hardaway Jr tonight. Who knows what we will get though. Woodson is coaching for his job so by his logic I’m sure we’ll see 44 minutes of Ray Felton and JR Smith in the backcourt. Of course, we should also anticipate much switching and open Anthony Tolliver threes.

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