Game Preview: Knicks at Rockets


The New York Knicks are coming off their best win of the season, with a surprising road upset over the San Antonio Spurs last night. Was the Iman Shumpert led victory an aberration or the start of a turnaround? We will get an good indication tonight when they travel to Houston to play the Rockets, who have knocked the Knicks off NINE straight times and currently boast a 21-13 record.

In case you forgot, earlier in the season the Knicks were borderline robbed when this three pointer from Carmelo Anthony was waived off. Similar to the Pacers loss at Madison Square Garden, when a shaky call helped lead to a defeat, this loss helped define the Knicks early season struggles.

A win tonight could signal an actual turn in the Knicks play, as the Rockets have been a perpetual bad match-up for them. They are coming off two losses in a row, including an ugly 117-86 defeat to the Oklahoma City Thunder on December 29th. The Knicks will have a much better chance at the upset if Iman Shumpert keeps doing things like this:

We saw Shumpert finally be the player we expected him to be in 2013-2014 last night and it makes a world of difference for this Knicks team, especially paired with an efficient Carmelo Anthony performance and an intelligent JR Smith one. It will be interesting to see if Mike Woodson gives Toure Murry a chance to chase around Jeremy Lin tonight and if Shumpert gets the James Harden assignment. The Knicks didn’t have Tyson Chandler in their last meeting with the Rockets and he will provide nice support against Dwight Howard, even though Andrea Bargnani defended him admirably the last time around.

You don’t want to get too excited after one win but last night was a fun one. The Knicks have lost many games this season they “should” have won. They need to start making up ground by winning games they “shouldn’t win” like last night…like tonight and a couple of days from now against Dallas.

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