Game Preview: The New York Toilet Bowl


The 3-13 New York Knicks! The 5-13 Brooklyn Nets! Two of the league’s walking punchlines square off tonight in a game that could serve as a breaking point in local embarrassment. The Knicks are mired in an unfathomable nine game losing streak, can they end it tonight against a shorthanded, poorly coached, thoroughly mediocre Nets team?

First, let’s look at some memorable moments from the season so far in NEW YORK BASKETBALL.

Brooklyn will be without Paul Pierce, Jason Terry, DeRon Williams AND Andrei Kirilenko tonight due to injury. It is hard to imagine that Mike Woodson survives an ugly loss tonight. We all know how James Dolan cares about the Knicks perception compared to the Nets (and consistently manifests that care in the worst way possible).

Coming off three full days of rest, there is really no excuse for the Knicks here. If they aren’t going to end this losing streak tonight, when is it really going to end? Amazingly, the first place team in the Atlantic Division right now is a gaudy 8-12, which means a few wins could immediately put either of these teams right at the top of the standings.

Neither of these teams are any good right now but you hope Carmelo Anthony can elevate his game tonight, put this team on his back and get a victory. You hope JR Smith can actually attack the basket and make open jump shots. You hope Iman Shumpert rediscovers the player he was in the playoffs last season. You hope Andrea Bargnani contests layups. We’ve hoped for these things all season and they haven’t happened yet. If the Knicks have any shred of pride they left, they will lose to a Nets team down four key players. Honestly, at this point I’m not so sure they have any pride left…unless they are using that pride to get into confrontations with each other at practice.

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