Game Recap: No Christmas Surprise, Thunder Whip Knicks


The New York Knicks are a bad basketball team. This isn’t news to anybody and is clearly demonstrated by their 9-19 record. Facing one of the league’s elite teams without their best player and starting point guard was a formula for a blowout and the Knicks delivered with flying colors as Oklahoma City cruised to 123-94 victory.

Yes, the Knicks are shorthanded but again that doesn’t give an excuse for allowing an endless procession of uncontested lay-ups and dunks for the opposing team. Defensively, this team remains a mess who seems to have zero plan or communication. Russell Westbrook had a triple double by the third quarter. Kevin Durant scored 29 points without ever really breaking a sweat. This dunk by Reggie Jackson basically sums up the afternoon.

Offensively, it was many JR Smith (8-22) and Beno Udrih (1-6) missed jumpers mixed in with limited ball movement. Keeping pace with the Thunder without Carmelo Anthony and Ray Felton was never a likely scenario but nobody besides Tim Hardaway Jr (21 points on 8-19 shooting) elevated their game. Similar to how the Reggie Jackson dunk summed up the Knicks day on defense, this generally sums up the Knicks day on offense.

With bad teams it starts from the top and it works all the way down (From James Dolan to Chris Smtih in this case…weeeee!!!!). The Knicks have an awful owner. They are poorly coached. Their best player looked like he was taking a nap on the bench today. Their “second” best player has free reign to take any and every awful shot he wants. They are weak at point guard and have limited depth. It is what it is. As a Knicks fan, you can only hope they sneak in the playoffs in the putrid Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference.

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