Happy Birthday, Allan Houston!


Allan Houston is one of the most beloved Knicks of all-time. Like most others, he was never able to bring a championship to New York, but Houston left it all on the floor in every game that he played, and despite his laid back personality, was the ultimate competitor. As a player, he was part of the organization during some of their best days, and in the front office, he has seen it at some of it’s worst. Today, we wish him a Happy 43rd Birthday by sharing some of our favorite highlights and memories.

Houston spent nine seasons in New York, totaling 11,165 points (fourth in franchise history) and 921 threes (second in franchise history). His silky smooth jumper has yet to have been matched by any Knick since his departure, and it’s possible that it never will

His greatest moment in the blue and orange came during the 1999 NBA Playoffs, when he hit this  game-winning jumper to lift the Knicks over the Heat during their run from the eight seed to Finals:

His playing career didn’t end like we all would have liked it to, but it certainly wasn’t Houston’s fault. In 2001, the Knicks signed him to a six-year, $100 million contract, despite him having barely anything left in the tank. Instead of enjoying the final days of a franchise great, fans were instead complaining about the size of his wallet.

Today, Houston works as a consultant in the Knicks front office. He was reportedly being groomed to take over once Donnie Walsh left town, but since then, hasn’t gotten any consideration for a GM position. It’s always good to see a former player of his caliber hanging around Madison Square Garden, and he should be able to learn plenty from Phil Jackson.

Happy 43rd, Allan!

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