Happy Birthday, James Dolan!


James Dolan, owner of the New York Knicks, catches a lot of flack from fans, but we here at Turn On The Knicks are going to cut him a break for once day and wish him a Happy 59th Birthday.

Dolan was made CEO of Cablevision in 1995 and became manager of the company’s sports properties just four years later, giving him the authority to supervise the day-to-day operations of both the Knicks and Rangers.

1999 also signified the Knicks’ last appearance in the NBA Finals, but we’re not here to bring down the head honcho on his own special day. Believe it or not, Dolan does bring some positives to the table. For one, he isn’t cheap, and will never shy away from cutting a check for a worthy player. He has an incredible passion for what he does, which sometimes gets him in to trouble, but eventually he’ll find the balance between spending the money and listening to the right people, and when that happens, the Knicks will be parading down the Canyon of Heroes.

Dolan is also incredibly passionate in music, and lead sings in a band called JD and the Straight Shots. Some people would rather he spend more time with the band than he did with the team, so maybe the presence of Phil Jackson will allow him to do that.

Sing away, Jimmy. I think a birthday tune is well deserved tonight. Happy 59th!


Want to wish James Dolan a Happy Birthday? Do it in the comments section below! We dare you to say something nice!

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