Happy Birthday, Stephon Marbury!


Despite all of the the ups and downs, there was a point in time where New York City had a lot of love for Steph. Today, we celebrate his 37th birthday with some of his better moments as a member of the Knicks.

Marbury played for five seasons with the Knicks, totaling 287 games and 5,232 points. Before he knew the mess that he was getting into, he led the 2003-04 New York Knicks to their first and only playoff appearance of the decade. He certainly had some rough patches in New York, including both on and off the court battles with head coaches, GMs, and whoever else stood in his self-destructive path. Almost a decade later, it’s hard for anyone to fault a fellow New Yorker for butting heads with Isiah Thomas, but at the time, he was a social pariah. Everything ended in a messy divorce and benching from Mike D’Aantoni. Marbury now plays in China, where his temper still sometimes gets the better of him. Happy Birthday, Steph! We here at TOK remember the good times just as well as we remember the bad!

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