Knicks 107, Bucks 101 (2OT): Game Recap


When the NBA comes up with its league slogans, like “BIG” or “I Love This Game!” or whatever, last night’s Knicks-Bucks double OT thriller is exactly what they have in mind, folks.

- Where else to start other than L’epica Cazzo di Andrea Bargnani? Did he think the Knicks were down? Did he put a massive bet on the game going to double overtime? Was he trolling? Is he really Italian? Are we on Earth?

- Well hey, the Knicks won though! They may have needed two overtimes against a barely-NBA level team, but this is the NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION, WHERE NO GAMES ARE EASY AND YOU DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR A WIN. Oh, that’s the NFL?

- Tyson Chandler returned! He played pretty well, and he played A LOT. I don’t know if Mike Woodson received some sort of ultimatum prior to last night’s game, or if he just realized that losing to the Bucks in any fashion might have gotten him axed, but he sure coached like it. Chandler played 37 minutes, which is probably 10 or so too many in his first game after quickly coming back from a broken leg, but it remains to be seen if it has any long-term effect or not. Chandler did Chandler things. He had 3 big blocks, in the process of which, proving that it’s indeed possible for someone wearing a Knicks uniform to correctly provide weak-side help. He had nine points and nine boards and one very angry dunk.

- As for people playing a lot of minutes, Carmelo Anthony played 55. He did not have a good game by any stretch – it was one of his worst overall defensive performances of the season, and he jacked 29 shots, but he did make the 3-pointer that basically sealed things in double overtime. He also made a few excellent passes, both to Beno Udrih; one on the Knicks’ last possession of regulation, only for Udrih to miss a 12-foot baby jumper, and then one later in the overtime, a cross-court bullet that Udrih drained for a corner 3.

- Toure Murry finally played real minutes. Towards the end of the first quarter and into the second quarter, Murry immediately improved the Knicks’ defense when he replaced Beno Udrih (who had a large part in Brandon Knight’s scorching start), even if he was a bit overaggressive in picking up three quick fouls. Offensively he is still incredibly raw, and is really a two-guard acting as a point. He left the game after rolling an ankle.

- J.R. Smith broke a Knicks record by attempting 17 3-pointers. I have nothing more to say about this.

- I know we all love him, but hey, Iman Shumpert: Anytime you want to, you know, join the offense, step right in! We can all crow about how he’s misused, and how he doesn’t get the ball (his usage rate numbers do back that up), but I mean…one point? He’s averaging a measly 3.0 ppg in the last five, shooting 16%, in 26.2 minutes per. In that same time, Tim Hardaway, Jr is averaging 8.4 points and has only taken seven more shots in 19.6 minutes per. If you’re being fair, it’s okay to wonder if we’ve projected Iman’s ceiling to be a bit higher than it actually is.

- Chris Smith was in uniform.

- This was the Knicks’ first win when they have one days’ worth of rest. They are now 1-11 in those games.

- The Knicks are now 1-0 when Mike Woodson wears a mock turtleneck under a sport coat.

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