Knicks Coaching Candidate: Mark Jackson


As the Knicks look to name a new coach, Turn On The Knicks will break down the Pros, Cons, and Probability of a bevy of candidates. Today, Dave Nowinski takes a look at a guy a lot of Knicks fans have pined for to rove the sidelines for a while now, Mark Jackson.


Mark Jackson is known as a master motivator. Unlike previous Knicks coach’s with dull personalities, Jackson energy is always palpable. The current Knicks roster lacks leadership; Jackson could provide an exemplary authority figure to the team.  Jackson was also able to dramatically improve the Warriors. The Warriors were always known as a lethal offensive team, but under Jackson’s guidance they were able to become a better defensive team. In Jackson’s first season the Warriors were putrid on defense allowing opponents to make 45.3% of their shots. In his final season opponents only made 43% of their shots. The Warriors made the playoffs two of Jackson’s three seasons there. Jackson was able to maintain the Warriors high octane offense, while demanding his team to play stingy defense.


Jackson was criticized for his dealings with management and his assistant coaches. Jackson “supposedly” had issues with ownership, and his assistants Darren Erman and Brian Scalabrine. The last thing New York needs is a coach with off the court baggage.


The hiring of Jackson would be surprising, because Phil Jackson is looking for a coach that is a disciple of the triangle offense. Jackson also signed contract with ESPN to resume his role as a color commentator, signaling he is comfortable with taking the year off (at least) from coaching.

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