Knicks Coaching Candidate: Derek Fisher


Well, that was quick. The Steve Kerr era ended before it ever began in New York, and now the Knicks, and by Knicks I mean Phil Jackson, have no choice but to move on.

A list comprised solely of ex-Bulls and Lakers has emerged as the candidates most likely to run the show, and while no one knows if there’s any truth to the latest rumors, one thing for sure is that Phil is going to hand select someone that he can help mold into the next great coach. At the front of that line seems to be Derek Fisher.

Pros: A pro about Fisher is that he’s a pro’s pro. No, seriously. Fisher is well respected around the NBA, mostly for his contributions as President of the NBA Player’s Association, and would immediately command the respect of the locker room. Despite having no prior coaching experience, he has spent the last 20 years of his life directing an NBA offense, and yes, that includes Phil’s famed triangle. Running Phil’s system seems to be a job requirement for being hired by the Knicks and Fisher would ace that part of the interview. He was a key part of all five of Jackson’s championships with the Lakers, and perhaps even more impressively, won over the  cold-blooded Kobe Bryant. Fisher may be one of the only coaching candidates with the capability to do the same with Carmelo. Plus, it would give the Knicks the chance to become part of the flashy new trend of hiring someone without any prior experience and hoping for the best!

Cons: For one, nobody knows for sure if Fisher has any interest in the job, and with the Thunder looking poised for another run to the Finals, it may be more than a month before anyone finds outs. Personally, I think he fits the mold of a front office member more than a coach. He comes across as outspoken, and his demeanor reminds me a lot of Allan Houston, who by no coincidence is an aspiring general manager. This isn’t to say that Fisher is totally incapable of succeeding as a coach, but it’s definitely worth noting.

Probability: I wouldn’t call it definite, but I wouldn’t call it doubtful either. It’s simply too early to tell right now. When, or perhaps if, the Thunder are eliminated from the playoffs, the probability will clear right up.


Do you want Derek Fisher to coach the Knicks? Let us know in the comments section below!

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