Knicks Draft Prospect Profile: Tony Mitchell


Chris DiGioia kicks off our look at New York Knicks Draft Prospects by breaking down North Texas forward Tony Mitchell. 

The New York Knicks are going to have plenty on their plate come draft day, and having possession of the 24th overall pick, a wide range of intriguing prospects could be available. North Texas combo forward Tony Mitchell could easily find himself in a Knicks uniform next season. The 6-8 forward is known to be extremely athletic, and his ability to get up and down the court can bode well for an up-tempo team like the Knicks. Mitchell provides some unique qualities offensively and defensively, showing he has three-point range in college, coupled with a natural talent in shot-blocking. It is always a huge plus for any player to be capable of guarding multiple positions, and with a defensive-minded head coach like Mike Woodson, he can be used in an array defensive schemes.

Although Mitchell has shown to play the game passionately on both sides of the court, he’s still yet to establish himself as either a power forward, or small forward, leaving uncertainty where he’s going to fit in the lineup . On top of that, he’s been known to be somewhat turnover prone, an area the Knicks are typically very clean with. It would be a downside for the Knicks to plummet in that category, as it was a key to their solid 54 regular season wins. The young North Texas forward didn’t see the highest level of competition in the Sun Belt Conference, but that doesn’t quite mean his all-around game won’t transcend into the next level. Mitchell’s 7’3 wingspan is a huge plus when it comes to defending the power forward position, and when that’s coupled with his uncanny athleticism, his upside can potentially be sky high. Welcoming a solid player like Mitchell can be key, as he can turn out to be a great addition for the New York Knicks, especially at the 24th overall selection.

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