Knicks Free Agent Point Guard Possibilities – Who Would You Want?


The New York Knicks have still yet to sign a replacement point guard for Jason Kidd, so let’s break down a few free agents that would be a solid fit. Although the Knicks have some players that are very capable of scoring on a nightly basis, inconsistency has been a major factor if your not named Carmelo Anthony. On certain nights, we want to say JR Smith is the clear cut second scorer, but after his mediocre playoff display, it is hard to rely on him. The same goes for point guard Raymond Felton, as some nights he looks like a bonafide scoring threat, and others he is a no-show. Amare Stoudemire made his name in this league by putting the ball in the basket, but it is a mystery whether or not he can go a full season healthy. So, should the Knicks try and find more of a scoring punch from their next free agent point guard, or simply look for another floor general who can possibly hit the three-point shot, somewhat like Kidd did. Here’s a look at a few options the Knicks have for that vacant position.

Bobby Brown - The Euroleaguer has been generating plenty of buzz around the league of late, drawing interest from the Knicks, Los Angeles Clippers, and Portland Trailblazers, according to Marc Stein of Brown is an explosive guard who has been doing a very solid job overseas, and he can hit the three-ball. The 28-year-old is in a similar position to what Chris Copeland was in a year ago, so the Knicks are fully aware of the potential surrounding the Euro League. Although he seems to be under-sized for a combo guard role, he does have exceptional athletic ability. He can be a steal for an NBA team looking for solid guard play off the bench, and the Knicks are well aware of his potential.

Aaron Brooks – Brooks has said he would like to play for the Knicks, and I could definitely see him being a good fit. Although he hasn’t made much of an impact in the league since he was the starting point guard for the Houston Rockets in the 2009-2010 season, the potential could still be there. Brooks had a breakout year in 2009, playing all 82 games, while averaging 19.6 points, 5.3 assists, and hitting 43 percent of his three-point shots. The Rockets proceeded to trade Brooks to the Suns mid-way through the season, where he never truly found the rhythm he once had. Eventually, due to the possible full-season lockout, he ended up taking a contract overseas. He did come back to the NBA, but once again, he couldn’t catch fire on the Sacramento Kings this past season. The Knicks are not looking for a point guard of the future though. Brooks can slide in a bench role exceptionally, as he can handle the ball and stretch the floor with his three-ball.

Nate Robinson – I’m going to be quick with this one, because he would hands down be the pick to fill Kidd’s spot if possible. The problem is, he’d have to take a nice little pay cut. Robinson would ignite the New York crowd immensely, but he’s simply worth more money then what the Knicks could offer. Robinson has been in New York before, and it’s pretty safe to say he’s accustomed to the bright lights, but he deserves a more prominent role in any team’s offense after his incredible playoff display this past season. This would be a dream pick-up for New York, as he would instantly bolster the Knicks ability to score in multiple areas. Not to mention his fire and intensity is top-notch in this league today.

Derek Fisher – My fellow TOK writer, and die-hard Knicks fan, Kevin Smith, would not be too excited about this signing, but I would love it. The Knicks are not looking for another star, their simply looking for a floor general off the bench. Who better then five-time world champion Fisher? He played a solid role for the Thunder off the bench this past season, but let’s face it, without Russell Westbrook, there’s not much the veteran could have done. He can spread the floor though, and before the Thunder were eliminated in the post-season, Fisher was on top of the list for three-pointers hit throughout the 2012-2013 postseason. He’s been knocking down some of the most clutch shots in NBA history for his entire career, and I would without question enjoy this man’s presence on the Knicks roster. (Did I ever mention I’m a diehard Lakers fan?)

Beno Udrih – Udrih has bounced around from team to team lately in the NBA, most recently backing-up Jameer Nelson in Orlando. I wouldn’t mind the addition of him, because he’s actually a pretty underrated player. Udrih has a solid shot, and is also very capable of making plays and getting other players involved. Not too many talks have occurred between his camp and the Knicks, but he would be a solid fit as the third point guard on this roster.

Sebastian Telfair – Telfair was once regarded as one of the brightest talents coming into the NBA, but his skill set has never truly transcended from high school to the NBA. Does that mean he wouldn’t be a solid bench player? Not at all. Once again, the Knicks aren’t looking for a point guard of the future, but yet a solid player who can come in for 10-15 minutes and keep the offense afloat. Telfair would be coming back home to where he played his high school ball, so who knows, maybe that can spark something positive in his basketball game. A few other team’s may be willing to pay him a little but more money, but the feeling of playing in the mecca of basketball can sway almost any player.

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6 thoughts on “Knicks Free Agent Point Guard Possibilities – Who Would You Want?

  1. I would love to get nate back, we should slide him some money under the table the way the nets did Ak47. lol!!! If we cant get nate I would go with B Brown he seems to really fit our offense.

  2. I really thought Aaron Brooks was going to be the guy, and I liked the idea. Unfortunately, Brooks has resigned with Houston. So, 1 down.

    Agree with the OP on Nate, but he has had a bit of a “reputation” for being an instigator in the locker room. We had a great amount of luck with managing “troubled rep” players over the past year (J.R., Sheed, Kenyon). I am concerned that Woodson would have to approach Phil Jackson-esque Zen master qualities with handling wild-cards Smith, Robinson, K-Mart, and RonRon, motivating (re:salvaging the career of) Bargs, along with, hopefully, teaching and integrating the 3 “rookies” (including Tyler, C.J. & Timmy jr).

    D. Fish may be able to pick up the mantle vacated by J. Kidd, (and I know people have been saying this for like a decade) but we need more play than Derek Fisher has left.

    On paper, Udrih looks like a nice fit for a tertiary guard role. However, I wonder what the Knicks look like if Felton goes down for a substantial amount of time. Beno, Prigs, and limited Shump PG minutes doesn’t sound promising to maintain a contender.

    Telfair just brings back the busted dream expectations (and bad memories of cousin Starbury). He has spot starter’s experience, but really hasn’t played a lot of quality minutes in five or six years.

    I don’t know if this is fair, but Bobby Brown strikes me as a poorer man’s Nate???

    I know the Knicks need another PG, and we should probably sign one of these guys. I think we may need to wait to see who comes out of the training camp and pre-season waivers.

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