Knicks Say Goodbye To Metta World Peace


For the longest time, Knicks fans wanted nothing more than to have Ron Artest in blue and orange. After 14 NBA seasons, an All-Star Game appearance, an NBA championship, and countless fights, they finally got their wish, but unfortunately, the Metta World Peace in New York era is already over.

Despite his lack of on-the-floor production, Metta was a pleasure to have in New York. He managed to stay out of trouble in his home town, which is even harder to do when you aren’t playing much. You can tell how genuinely enthused he was to be here in his first interview as a member of the Knicks:

Metta’s most memorable moment came in a preseason matchup against the Toronto Raptors, when he scared the bejesus out of Tyler Hansbrough during one of the most minor scuffles you’ll ever see. Even a guy nicknamed Psycho T wanted nothing to do with a 33-year old World Peace. All he could muster up was a “my bad, Ron.”


World Peace ends his Knicks career with 29 games played, and averages of 4.8 points, 2.0 rebounds,  and 0.8 steals in just over 13 minutes per contest. Those 29 games were a dream come true, both for Metta and the fans. He’s reported to have interest in signing with a contender, and for his sake, we here at Turn On The Knicks hope he can get himself another ring, although preferably away from Miami. Best of luck, Metta. New York loves you!


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