New Knicks Coaching Candidate – Meet Derman Player


All has been quiet in Starbury Land of late. While off in China winning championships and rebuilding his image, we haven’t heard much from the former beloved New Yorker, but today, Marbury finally broke his silence and offered his opinion on who the Knicks should hire to replace Mike Woodson.


Marbury set the Twittersphere on fire with this one. Derman Player? Umm…who? I tried to do a little research in to who he might be, but upon Googling his name, the results read: Did you mean GERMAN PLAYER?

Luckily, Chris Celletti, TOK’s own private investigator, was able to solve the mystery. Apparently, Marbury was referencing Dermon Player, a former assistant coach at both St. John’s and Seton Hall. I’m not sure what his connection to Marbury is, but I’m assuming that it’s something New York City based. Great job, Chris. All of those years of hard work at Seton Hall have finally paid off!

We’ve seen player coaches before, but if the Knicks do decide to look at the former collegiate assistant, he would become the first Coach Player.

Would you prefer Mark Jackson over Steve Kerr? Let us know in the comments section below!

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One thought on “New Knicks Coaching Candidate – Meet Derman Player

  1. I would look at the availability of Jerry Sloan. If not him I would interview Jeff Van Gundy, Stan Van Gundy and then Mark Jackson. My order would be Jeff, Jerry, Stan and Mark.


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