New York Knicks – And Now We Wait…


The New York Knicks have made their “major” moves of the off-season, leaving us in the quiet waiting time until training camp starts. What is a Knicks fan to worry about this next month or so? Let’s run through it…

Ron Metta Artest World Peace - The Knicks newest forward has decided to change his name yet again. We had already decided to stick with Ron Artest on this site and unless he comes up with something on the level of Carlos Danger or Ron Mexico, we won’t be changing that. Can’t we just keep it simple and go back to Artest? If not that…just change it to Paul Pierce to troll everybody.

Oh, A Point Guard - The Knicks still need one. Toure Murry is coming to camp but even if he makes the team, he isn’t ready to be a fringe rotation player or a guy thrown into duty if Ray Felton or Pablo Prigioni suffers an injury. Bobby Brown seemed close to happening but there appears to some hold-up and he needs to decide if he wants to stay overseas. Don’t even suggest Baron Davis. Delonte West? Nobody said the Knicks wouldn’t have an interesting locker room this season. Why not add another character to the cast?

Get Healthy, Stay Safe - JR Smith is in recovery for his knee and Tweeting up a storm. Can he avoid a fine from the league for his social media activity? Such drama! More importantly, as the season gets closer it will be interesting to hear the variety on his targeted return date from different sources.

Schedule? - Should be coming pretty soon. Can we get some late season Knicks/Nets games? Will the Knicks keep us occupied on Christmas again? What is our FRIDAY NIGHT KNICKS line up going to look like? Will they have a new song?

Melo Watching - Heaven forbid Carmelo Anthony is seen or associated with anything remotely involving Los Angeles, it may cause Knicks Twitter land to explode and Stephen A. Smith to write a 2,400 word article with 1,200 exclamation points. He ate pineapple pizza at California Pizza Kitchen?!! HE GONE!

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