New York Knicks – Carmelo Needs To Be Carmelo


The New York Knicks Game 4 loss was frustrating for obvious reasons. Who didn’t want to see the Knicks stand and take a bow in front of the Celtics home crowd after pulling off a sweep? The extra days of rest would have been nice, as it now appears the Pacers and Hawks are going to be engaged in a long series. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur as the Knicks fell just short in overtime despite the absence of JR Smith and let’s be honest…a very poor game from Carmelo Anthony.

Sunday was the type of game people will point to when criticizing Anthony and is the type of game people like Dan Shaughnessy will turn their Sports Illustrated For Kids stories in about. Yet, those complaints about Anthony will dissipate as the Knicks keep advancing rounds in this NBA Playoffs, starting when they put the Celtics to bed tomorrow night. Carmelo Anthony is who he is and he has been the best version of himself this season for the Knicks. If they want any chance of competing for a NBA Championship, Anthony shouldn’t a change a thing about how he’s been playing.

Ultimately when the Knicks are in close games and trying to pace with Heat in a hopefully inevitable Eastern Conference Finals, they need Anthony playing with the confidence of the best player on the court. They need him to have a short memory. They need him to have no conscience. The last thing they can afford is for him to play with any hesitancy or doubt.

Carmelo isn’t going to miss 25 shots in a game again any time soon. Sunday needs to be quickly pushed from his memory and he needs to keep on rolling, just like he did on the Knicks late season winning streak and just like he did in the first three games of this series.

Carmelo is Carmelo. He is a scorer, first and foremost. When he gets going, he can put the ball in the basket better than anybody in the NBA. This is what you signed up for when you traded for him and this what you need to ride in the playoffs.

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One thought on “New York Knicks – Carmelo Needs To Be Carmelo

  1. I don’t think we need to be worried about ‘Melo altering his game. He did miss a number of shots, but can anyone really point out a number of specific bad shots? Go back and look at the tape and you’ll see, the ball was simply not falling for him…it happens.

    As I said earlier, the only real disappointing thing is after the NYK tied the game, you expect your horse to carry you across the line. I think ‘Melo was tired in that 4Q. You go to the line 16 times, in the first 3Q, and you pay a price (not to mention times contact isn’t called). Just look at the 2 late missed free throws, a sure sign of fatigue.

    I look at the positive. Had they won Sunday, they wouldn’t have played in over a week. They win tomorrow, they likely start the next series a week from tonight. That’s more than enough rest. You sit too long, you lose your edge and game conditioning. You try and push that in practice and you wind up getting an injury.


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