New York Knicks Game 4 – Final Things To Yell About


A few final things to yell about heading into Knicks/Pacers tonight

1. REBOUND! – Don’t go down to the Pacers in a wave of second chance points. Somebody get a body on Roy Hibbert and Lance Stephenson. Tyson Chandler is a leader in the locker room so if he wants to talk to the press about his teammates in a critical way…fine…but just back up those words on the court.

2. SHUMP! - The collective sigh of relief you heard from the tri-state area 20 minutes ago was in reaction to Iman Shumpert suiting up and starting tonight after having his knee checked out today. Let’s hope he is smart about the injury and if something feels wrong, he doesn’t push it too far. Yet let’s hope even more that he is actually fine because the Knicks are already dealing with a sick JR Smith and a Jason Kidd without a jump shot.

3. SHOOT! - If the Knicks are going down, it better be with Carmelo Anthony taking more than 16 shots. Nobody is saying he needs to take 31 awful shots to prove his point but he needs to aggressively take the lead out there tonight.

4. DESPERATE! - Going down 3-1 is basically a death sentence. The Knicks need to play like it from the opening whistle.

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