New York Knicks Game 5 Preview – Just Get One


The New York Knicks are back in Madison Square Garden tonight looking to keep their season alive, as they trail the Indiana Pacers 3-1 in their best of seven series. At this point, all you can do is push the big picture aside and focus on winning one game. Win one home game against a team you beat at home last week and a team you were better than during the course of the regular season.

It sounds like Mike Woodson is going back to his normal starting lineup, which he never should have deviated from in the first place. Chris Copeland is also reportedly going to see an increase of minutes, especially in the first half which will provide needed floor spacing and outside shooting. If we could just get a guarantee of MAS PABLO and less Jason Kidd, you’d have even more reason to feel confident for tonight.

The Pacers have proven themselves to be the better team through 4 games. Yet, you need to hang your hope on two primary things for tonight – First, the Knicks inevitably are going to start hitting more open jump shots. Second, the Pacers are a young team trying to win a series clincher on the road.

Take away the daunting proposal of winning three straight and just focus on getting one game, extending your season two more days and putting a little more pressure on an inexperienced, young basketball team. The Madison Square Garden crowd should bring it tonight. Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith are both beyond due for a big game. Besides them, the team’s role players should be more comfortable at home than they were on the road. And really, how many more monster games does George Hill have left in him? How many more three pointers is Lance Stephenson going to knock down?

It may be naive to think the Knicks can win this series but it is far from naive to believe they can get a win tonight and that is all that matters for right now.

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