New York Knicks Game 6 All-Anxiety Preview


The New York Knicks game 5 loss to the Boston Celtics was an infuriating display for any fan of this team to suffer through. We haven’t had many infuriating moments in this Knicks season. Considering the slop of the decade prior, this 54 win year has been mostly a joy-ride to watch. Yet, Wednesday night and the aftermath has been insufferable. Tonight cannot get here quick enough for a fan-base anxious to see their team put this mini-uprising by the Celtics to bed.

Kenyon Martin and JR Smith’s comments have all of a sudden made this “thug, me-ball Knicks vs. the gritty, classy, team-first Celtics” with the basketball Gods CHORTLING at any thought of the Knicks moving on (excuse my Greggg Easterbrook/Drew Magary reference). And of course the souls of Kevin MILLAR and JOHNNY Damon have taken over Brandon Bass and Jason Terry (BY GOD’S GRACE I MAKE THESE THREES AND CELEBRATE LIKE MARK SANCHEZ THROWING A TOUCHDOWN PASS IN 2010) because there is a deep, clear relationship to a basketball series in 2013 and a baseball series in 2004. Seriously, look at some of this nonsense from the previous two days

“Somewhere, Bob Cousy, Larry Bird and other pass-happy leaders of Boston’s august N.B.A. history were exhaling Auerbachian puffs of pleasure. At least one side in this newly energized Eastern Conference playoff series was still emphasizing ball movement, the most basic of basketball tenets.”

“Suddenly, Celtics-Knicks has morphed into Red Sox-Yankees, circa 2004. Carmelo Anthony is Alex Rodriguez. James Dolan is George Steinbrenner. Jason Terry is Dave Roberts, and Doc Rivers is Terry Francona. We’re not quite sure who’ll get to play Curt Schilling with the bloody sock. Game 6 is Friday night on Causeway Street and the Knicks are certain to be tighter than Kevin Brown before Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS.”

What does any of that even mean? Can we drop the UBUNTU classy Celtics narrative, considering they have future McDonald’s employee Jordan Crawford insulting Carmelo Anthony’s wife after a game he didn’t even step on the court for, while Kevin Garnett tried to rip Anthony’s arm out of it’s socket during the actual game. The Celtics run their mouth and exude the same level of class as the Knicks having JR Smith dress like 2pac in 1994 on his walk into Madison Square Garden for the Celtics “funeral.”



Let’s drop the sideshow narratives and hyperbolizing the historic implications of the Celtics winning back to back games.

After a 11-0 start, the Knicks played their worst brand of basketball imaginable Wednesday. They were tight. Madison Square Garden was tight. JR Smith looked like a mix of hungover and terrified. Carmelo keep shooting and just kept on missing…open look…after open look. It was bad. It was scary. It is over now. Should Knicks fans have some anxiety? Yes. Should impending doom feel nothing but inevitable? Absolutely not.

The overwhelming majority of people who made a prediction on this series had the Knicks in six games, which of course involves the Knicks winning a clinching game in Boston. The Knicks have won in Boston this series and lost another game in overtime. Nobody expects tonight to be anything but a tight game but why all of a sudden is there a complete lack of faith that the Knicks, the superior team, can pull one out? Because 9 years ago Kevin Brown was shelled in Yankees Stadium? Because Jason Terry has summoned the Power Of God and poorly imitated Jets touchdown celebrations on his side?

Let’s have a drink (not you JR) and have a little faith for tonight Knicks fans. How many more misses can Carmelo have in his system? How many more minutes can Doc RIvers grind out of his seven man rotation, since he’s now realized Crawford should be flipping burgers and that Avery Bradley is just some kind of awful.

The Knicks are a better a team. They have the best player in this series. They have a competent point guard. It certainly sounds like everybody expects them to lose tonight, which means the pressure is off, right? RIGHT? Play your brand of basketball Knicks and let us all relax a little.

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