New York Knicks NBA Draft Preview Capsule


The NBA Draft is only a few hours away. The rumors keep pouring in (KG and Pierce to Brooklyn?! Orlando trading the 2nd pick?! The Knicks trading Amare for Kevin Durant?!?…ok I made that last one up). As of the now the Knicks are sitting with their 24th overall pick. Here are some final notes and thoughts on the Draft and an archive of all our work leading up to it 

Player Profiles 

Knicks Draft History Throwback Thursdays

Top 5

Roundtable Debates/Rumors

- First a special shout-out to Kevin Smith, who led the way with our draft coverage by consistently providing terrific work. Make sure you are following Kevin on Twitter.

- There is some chatter about the Knicks looking to move Steve Novak tonight. Yet, who is taking that contract? Could the Knicks package him as part of a deal to get Kostas Papa (that’s how we are abbreviating his name here at TOK) back from Portland?

- We didn’t do a profile on Reggie Bullock but the Knicks could take a long look at him with the 24th overall pick. He would bring a nice package of skills and shouldn’t have a problem transitioning to the NBA game.

- This rumored Nets/Celtics trade is beyond perplexing. Brooklyn is going to give up three future first round picks and a couple of young pieces to take on Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, two players well past their prime. Basically, they are loading up for a 1 year run at Miami but how well does Pierce even fit alongside Joe Johnson? What if Garnett can’t stay healthy? As for the Celtics, they’d have to take back Gerald Wallace’s awful contract which would hinder their ongoing rebuilding process. Let’s see if where there is smoke, there is fire.

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