New York Knicks Preview – Week of December 16th


This past week was a busy one for the Knicks, both on and off the court. Will the upcoming week be the same?


Dealing with the persistence of the media comes with the territory of playing in New York, but in the last seven days, rumors enveloped this team to the point where most people forgot just how poorly they have been playing. There was a “heated exchange” between Mike Woodson and J.R. Smith, which if you ask most Knicks fans, was long overdue. There was a trade nearly pulled off involving Raymond Felton, Metta Ron Artest World Peace, and a future first round pick in exchange for Kyle Lowry. Surprisingly, Dolan wised up and put the kibosh on it all. There were even more ludicrous ideas out there, like an in-depth suggestion of the Knicks parting ways with Carmelo Anthony (if he so choses) for a deal centered around Blake Griffin. I can’t see Melo forcing his way in to a Clippers uniform, but stranger things have happened. The week ended with whispers that the Knicks are willing to give up Tyson Chandler in a deal as long as a team take J.R. Smith with him. Does Chris Smith have to go too? The Lakers were a team toying with the idea of trading for Tyson, and they also expressed interest in Iman Shumpert too. The exchange would revolve around Pau Gasol.

Oh yeah, the Knicks also played some basketball this past week too. The team went 2-2, and although the week was marred by yet another disappointing loss to the Celtics, they actually looked like a halfway decent basketball club at times. Chandler began full-contact practices and believes he should be back sometime in the upcoming week, which will provide a much needed defensive boost.

In case you missed any of the action last week, here are the quick versions:

Cavaliers 109, Knicks 94

Knicks 83, Bulls 78

Celtics 90, Knicks 86

Knicks 111, Hawks 106


Monday – 7:30pm (MSG) – vs. Washington

The Wizards are my sleeper pick for the third seed in the East. John Wall is improving on last year’s breakout season and as long as Bradley Beal comes back and stays healthy, scoring points won’t be an issue. The Wizards got the better of the Knicks last time, but maybe New York can turn things around at home.

Wednesday – 8:00pm (MSG) – at Milwaukee

The Bucks certainly aren’t the most entertaining watch in the league, but at least it’s a winnable game for the Knicks. New York beat them on opening night, but they’ve struggled in Milwaukee in the recent past. Still, this is a different Bucks team, void of any explosive talent, unless you want to include 19-year old rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo in that discussion. Remember the name, he’s going to be a stud in a few years.

Saturday – 12:00pm (MSG) – vs. Memphis

The last time the Knicks had an afternoon game, they suffered their third-worst home loss in franchise history, so hopefully this time around they find their scoring touch before it’s too late.  The Grizzlies will be without Marc Gasol, so if Chandler is back, the Knicks will actually have a major advantage inside. Fans will be able to give their applause to former-Knick Zach Randolph, and then have the joy of watching him try to guard Carmelo Anthony for the next 48 minutes.



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