New York Knicks Weekly Preview – April 7th Edition


Not all hope is lost for New York’s playoffs chances, but they’re going to need to run the table and bank on Atlanta losses if they want to get in. Here’s what both teams have going on this week.


If the Knicks don’t make the postseason, it won’t be because of last week. They split their four games, but there’s no shame in losing to the Heat or Wizards, both of whom will still be playing when things count most. That doesn’t take away the sting, especially considering that New York led for most of the game against Washington in Friday night. Prior to that game, Carmelo Anthony injured himself, making things that much tougher to overcome. J.R. Smith has stepped up nicely, but without their primary scorer, things won’t come easy for the Knicks.

In case you missed any of the action last week, here are the quick versions:

Knicks 92, Jazz 83

Knicks 110, Nets 81

Wizards 90, Knicks 89

Heat 102, Knicks 91



The Knicks currently sit two games behind the Hawks, but three in the loss column. To put it simply, New York is going to need some help. Here’s what the Hawks have on tap for this week:

Tuesday – vs. Detroit (7:30)

Wednesday – vs. Boston (7:30)

Friday – at Brooklyn (7:30)

Saturday – vs. Miami (7:30)


As for the Knicks

Friday – 7:30 p.m. (MSG) – at Toronto

The Knicks play Toronto twice in a six-day span. It’s probably killing Andrea Bargnani that he’ll have to miss both of them.

Sunday – 7:30 p.m. (MSG) – vs. Chicago

The last time these two teams met up, the Bulls wiped the floor with the Knicks on national television. If New York loses again this time, they can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

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One thought on “New York Knicks Weekly Preview – April 7th Edition

  1. Haven’t posted here in a while..largely because the NYK are so God awful to watch.

    Wasn’t really for the Phil hiring, though I understand the reasoning for it. With Woody out, and some former Jax-ciple likely comign in to the GM spot, I wonder who they look to as their next HC. Phil is on record as saying he believes in ‘system’ basketball, and might be looking for a young coach, he could mold. If Steve Kerr is brought into the organization, it wouldn’t surprise me if the team looks at Kevin Ollie, who acquitted himself quite well as both a leader (I mean keeping kids these past 2yrs, is a huge accomplishment) and an in game tactician. At 41, he has a connection to the league, and probably has a good understanding of an NBA locker room. While it’s a long shot, I think bringing in another ‘big name’ would be counterproductive. It’s Phil’s show and bringing in another ‘lead dog’ to coach, would only set up another possible Isiah/Larry Brown scenario, which this team can not afford.

    Sidebar, if the Buss family were watching last night, why on earth would you consider Calapari over Ollie. Don’t get me wrong, Cal is a master recruiter/salesman and he’s show the ability to motivate kids, but throughout the tournament, he’s shown very little on the Xs and Os. Ok, you can highlight him going to a zone last night, but when you’re 15 points down, you have to try something. I’d like to know why he didn’t try and run more and force tempo. Everytime UK walked the ball up the court, they allowed UCONNs guards to pick them up mid court, which used shot clock and prevented them from getting into any flow. He never used his size advantage, both in the post and with the passing game.

    Ollie showed a fresh approach all tournament and played to his strengths and attacked opponents weakenesses. In college maybe you play 35 games, so you have a lot of prep time. In the tourney though, coaches have quick turnarounds. After beating Wisconsin, Cal was interviewed and said “I know Kevin is a good coach, but I haven’t even seen them”. Really, you win your region the weekend before, and you take no time, during that week to review possible final opponents? In the NBA, you play 3-4 times a week, and you need a coach who can constantly adjust to his personnel (injuries) and opponents. Ollie appeared, to me, be a much better pro option than Cal.
    I’ll be Steve Kerr would say the same…


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