New York Knicks Weekly Preview – March 31st Edition


The Knicks end their West Coast trip in Utah tonight before kicking off a rough April schedule. Read on to see what else the team has on their plate for the upcoming week.


This has become one of the hardest teams to predict in NBA history. One game, the Knicks come out hungry, diving for loose balls, and playing with 100 percent passion. The next, they come out flat, blowing big leads, and looking generally unenthused. Take Tuesday’s loss to the Lakers for example. In the first quarter, the Knicks tied their season record for points allowed in a quarter with 14. Two periods later, they gave up the most points in a quarter in franchise history. And we’re supposed to know what this team is going to do to close out the year?

Realistically, New York could already have the eighth seed in their hands, but they squandered opportunities to gain ground on Atlanta with losses to the Lakers and Suns. Lucky for the Knicks, the Hawks are on a six-game losing streak, and New York finished strong with an impressive win in Golden State. With only one game separating these two teams, things are going to get interesting down the stretch.

In case you missed any of the action last week, here are the quick versions:

Lakers 127, Knicks 96

Knicks 107, Kings 99

Suns 112, Knicks 88

Knicks 89, Warriors 84



New York’s playoff run was supposed to be fueled by an easy (at least on paper) March schedule, but because they dropped two out of their last three games against opponents with a sub-.500 record, things won’t be easy from here on out. This week, the Knicks start a tough April schedule that features two games against the Nets, two games against the Raptors, and matchups against the Wizards, Heat, and Bulls.

To get into the postseason, the Knicks are going to need some help from the Hawks. Here’s Atlanta’s schedule for the week:

Monday – vs. Philadelphia (7:30)

Wednesday – vs. Chicago (7:30)

Friday – vs. Cleveland (7:30)

Sunday – at Indiana (6:00)


As for the Knicks:

Monday – 9:00 p.m. (MSG) – at Utah 

The Knicks took care of the Jazz rather handily during their eight-game winning streak, but Utah has one of the NBA’s best home-court advantages.

Wednesday – 7:00 p.m. (ESPN) – vs. Brooklyn

The battle for New York supremacy is tied 1-1 on the season, and if all else fails for the Knicks, the final two games against Brooklyn may be something for the Knicks to hang their hats on down the stretch.

Friday – 7:30 (MSG) – vs. Washington

The last time the Wizards were in New York, this happened:

Sunday – 1:00 p.m. (ABC) – at Miami

This one’s set up to be another nationally televised embarrassment for the Knicks, but will the aggressive version of the team show up with the playoffs on the line?

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