New York Knicks Fans – Save Your Draft Night Boos


If you’ve been following my Throwback Thursdays then you are more than well aware of the drafting deficiencies of the New York Knicks. Still, as I’ve stressed in the past, patience is ever so key in all of sports, and even more so when it comes to the draft.

Leading up to a draft, fans become enamored with players that they never heard of just a few weeks earlier. Take Iman Shumpert for example. He’s easily one of the most popular players on the Knicks roster right now, but no one is immune to the scrutiny of New York City. Shump was greeted by a chorus of boos upon having his name called on draft night in 2011, despite the fact that most fans had never seen a second of his highlights. That year, we were all about Chris Singleton or Kenneth Faried, and didn’t want to hear anything else. This article from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is downright laughable just two years later.

The same applied to Danilo Gallinari a few years earlier. Sure, there were better selections to be made, namely Brook Lopez, but judging by the reaction of Knicks fans, you would have thought that the world was on fire. The first thing I did after that pick was go straight to YouTube for highlights, where his sharpshooting potential was obvious. Gallo was the perfect fit for the D’Antoni offense, but once again, fans didn’t want to hear it because they were unfamiliar with the name.

This year, the general consensus amongst Knicks fans seems to be Shane Larkin. We need to understand that most of the times that a name is thrown out there by a franchise, it’s nothing but a smoke screen. A team isn’t going to announce to the world who they want to fall to them, so don’t be surprised to hear what may seem to be an out of the ordinary name called when the Knicks pick at 24 on Thursday night.

As Knicks fans, we need to have some faith in our management to make the right decision. Heck, even Isiah hit on some late first rounders. If you’re going to get on anyone, save it for David Stern. It has become somewhat of a tradition to boo him incessantly on draft night, and in his final year, it might be disrespectful not to.

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