In a matter of days, the Knicks went from being an afterthought of the 2014 NBA Draft to acquiring three picks. Phil Jackson was able to trade away a beaten up center and one of the worst point guards in the league last season in exchange for the youth, making it seem like, for the first time in forever, the organization has something real positive going. Sounds like an A+, right? Find out what the TOK staff thinks here:

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Just one night removed from making his first trade as president of the Knicks, Phil Jackson made his first draft decisions too. Fans were happy just be involved in the festivities. So happy that no one selected by New York was booed! Both Cleanthony Early and Thanasis Antetokounmpo will be a mouthful for Clyde Frazier and Knicks bloggers everywhere, but more importantly, they should be a handful for opponents as well.

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Thanks to some Phil Jackson magic, the Knicks were able to get involved in this year’s NBA Draft. Before the deal went down, our Chris Celletti broke down possible draft night targets, and now that New York has a guaranteed presence in tonight’s festivities, it’s time for Dave Nowinski to do the same. With whispers that the Knicks could be looking to move up even further, it’s important to keep an eye on these guys:

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