Preseason Game Recap – Knicks 103, Celtics 102


The New York Knicks conquered Rhode Island and got the preseason off to a nice start with a win over the young Boston Celtics, 103-102. Something called Chris Babb fueled a furious late Celtics comeback – I’m not sure when, but I feel like this happened recently – but rookie Tim Hardaway, Jr. made the game-winning jumper from the corner with just over eight seconds left. Preseason is awesome. Now on to the things that actually, somewhat at least, mattered.

Carmelo Anthony started off hot, making his first three shots, which was all that really mattered and all we’ll focus on, since he missed his next six shots to finish 3-of-9 for 7 points in 22 minutes. He left the game healthy, and that’s the most important thing. Pablo Prigioni had one of his now-signature moments in the first quarter, forcing a turnover in the defensive back court, then 30 seconds later hounding Avery Bradley to dribble the ball out of bounds.

Andrea Bargnani did Andrea Bargnani things. I know it would pain most Knicks fans to admit even this, but he pretty much is what she showed tonight. He didn’t shoot very well 3-of-8 overall, although he will indeed make some 3-pointers this year. He showed decent screening ability and his head fake from the perimeter was very effective. He got the line a lot, where he’s very reliable. And yes, he did not defend very well, often getting a bit confused on rotations. He’s not going to light the world on fire, nor is he going to destroy the franchise. He is what he is.

Whether he was extra motivated by being kept out of the starting lineup or simply just had the hot hand all night, Shumpert made a statement. He all of his seven shot attempts and showed some great range and touch, making three from behind the arc during a scorching second quarter. Shumpert looked decisive with and without the ball all night, consistently making the correct shoot-or-pass reads.

Aside from just the game-winner, Hardaway was quite impressive. He finished with 16 points on an efficient 6-of-10 shooting night. Hardaway can certainly shoot from deep, making 3-of-5 from 3-point range, which is obviously something that could get him into the rotation given the Knicks’ propensity for shooting threes. And certainly, even if it was preseason, he made the clutch game-winner after the team had squandered a huge lead. Obviously it’s too early to tell, but it seems as though Hardaway has, at the very least, the athleticism and body to be an NBA player. If his shots fall as they did tonight, he’ll definitely stick.

Metta World Peace stuffed the stat sheet, with four rebounds and three assists to go with 13 points, although it took him nine shots to do so. It looked like World Peace was playing as though he knew the game meant nothing – or maybe that’s just how he plays all the time, actually. We’ll see.

The Clyde Report

- He often called Metta World Peace, simply, “World”. Interested to see if this is a permanent thing.

- His first pronunciation of Beno Udrih went like : OOH-duh-rick. We’ll see how this evolves.

- “Barn-YAR-ni”. Get used to it.

Welcome to the 2013-14 season, folks.

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