Sixers 110, Knicks 106: Game Recap


The Knicks are now .500 in their last 10 games. After a 3-13 start, we’ll take it! Right?

In terms of wins and losses, these Knicks do not practice moderation. Wednesday’s 110-106 loss to the Sixers was the Knicks’ 5th straight loss, a streak that directly followed a five-game winning streak. This was supposed to be the part of the schedule that presented the Knicks a chance to turn their season around. But the Knicks aren’t very good, and there are no teams in the league they’re “supposed” to beat, so the season seems to be turning on them. Perhaps for good.

- Carmelo Anthony has just about had enough, it seems. Whether that means he’s gone, will request a trade, etc. I’m not sure. But the body language isn’t good, and now his actual verbal language apparently isn’t ideal either. If you were Melo, wouldn’t you want out?

- Thaddeus Young said after the game that the Sixers knew the Knicks were basically going to switch everything, and they sure as hell played like they knew it. Two of the game’s biggest plays down the stretch saw the Knicks (mainly Iman Shumpert, with Anthony as a co-conspirator) totally bungle switches, one creating an open layup for Lavoy Allen, and another to a wide open three for Young. Those plays were basically the difference in the game.

- If you noticed on MSG’s post game show, Alan Hahn and Wally Szczerbiak kept switching seats in between segments. Clever.

- Switching or not, the Knicks’ defense was an abomination the entire game. The Sixers are one of the least efficient offenses in the league, and somehow the Knicks still lost the game despite shooting 15-of-33 from deep, getting 20 from Andrea Bargnani, 19 from Shumpert and 7 assists from Anthony.

- Pablo Prigioni played 17 minutes, or two less than he did against Brooklyn, which was his first game back from an injury.

- It should take Evan Turner about 2 and a half games to score 34 points. But he doesn’t always play against the Knicks’ incompetent back court, I guess.

- Methinks if the Knicks fall to the Bobcats on Friday there’s a chance Mike Woodson gets canned afterwards. The absurd reason for the timing being a sorry attempt by James Dolan and MSG to “bury” it, news-wise. There’s precedent: in 2012, Mike D’Antoni was fired resigned mere hours before a game on a Wednesday against Portland. The Knicks’ previous game was two days earlier, on Monday, giving the team an entire off day to make the move. Who makes a serious move like that just hours before a game? The Knicks, actually.

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