The NBA’s Newest Threads – Including A New York Knicks Alternate


Golden State really stirred the pot last year by breaking out short-sleeved jerseys and now the rest of the league is following suit. A few teams will debut a version of the latest fashion trend for the 2013-14 season, including the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns. Maybe it would have been beneficial for Melo to rock the short sleeves at the end of last season when his shoulder was bothering him, but for now he’ll have to deal with brand new orange alternates. Read on to see the cool, new look.


shump new jerseys

Shump accidentally leaked this picture out on Instagram a few months back, and while a total orange set is usually tough to pull off, I have to say, I’m impressed with how these came out. Let’s be real here, the Knicks aren’t the Lakers or Celtics, so there’s no need to be married to the classic whites and blues. I know I’ll be rocking an orange Shump as soon as they come out. Maybe Joe Cap can add it to his top Knicks jerseys list.


suns jerseys

I love what Phoenix did by incorporating a modern feel to their throwbacks. These new threads will bring back memories of the Kevin Johnson and Charles Barkley days, but unfortunately for their fans, these Suns will be packing half the punch of the guys from the 90′s. The team may not approach the playoffs, but at least they’ll be losing in style.


pelicans jerseys

New Orleans has been catching a lot of flack for changing their team name to one of the least intimidating creatures in sports history, so they avoided putting the Pelicans brand on any of their uniforms. The final product is rather plain, but the colors certainly represent New Orleans well. Despite the lackluster jerseys, the Pelicans will be an entertaining watch, featuring a new, young core of Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans, and Anthony Davis.


motor city jersey

I love the idea of putting a city’s nickname on the front of a jersey. These new Pistons threads are comparative to the Blazers Rip City jerseys, which I considered to be one of the nicest in the NBA. They’re very similar to their current set, but if nothing else, at least they’re unique.


I’m sure as the season creeps closer more and more teams will reveal new jerseys, so TOK will keep you posted.

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