The Top Five Dunkers In The 2013 NBA Draft


Ah, the dunk. It’s easily the most irrelevant stat in basketball, unless your name is Dwight Howard of course. Still, it’s easily the most captivating. Kevin Smith will be leading our NBA Draft coverage by breaking down the top five players in different areas of skill.  He already showed us who the five best three-point shooters are, but now it’s time to see if there’s anyone out there who can save the corniness of the dunk contest

5. James Ennis, Long Beach State 

Ennis is a freak of an athlete with a perfect NBA body. Standing at 6-7 with a  6-11 wingspan, he can throw down with the best of them. Plus, anyone with a cool nickname like “Ennis the Menace” gets a thumbs up in my book. Four years in school has made him more pro ready than most think and he can make for a wonderful second round sleeper come draft night.

4. Ben McLemore, Kansas

McLemore is not only one of the top overall prospects in the 2013 draft, but also one of it’s most ferocious dunkers. His lone year at Kansas was full of highlight reel plays and we should see more of the same at the pro level. He’s especially sneaky on backdoor plays and loves the alley-oop. McLemore will no doubt be off the board in the first three picks.

3. Rodney Williams, Minnesota

Williams is rather raw as a basketball player, but he has the necessary athleticism to make up for it. While his offensive game has tons of upside, he still has tons of work to put in. At 6-7, 200 pounds, Williams may have some trouble defending quicker small forwards, but he has shown a knack to get in the passing lanes. He’ll most likely get drafted in the second round, but with a couple of years of improvement, he could become a viable rotation player in the NBA.

2. Victor Oladipo, Indiana

Oladipo is a definite lottery pick with an endless motor and tons of athleticism. He’s a little raw offensively, but his dunking ability should translate from day one. He plays well off the ball and should have tons of opportunities to finish strong when being set up by teammates. The athleticism he possesses should allow him to succeed right from the get-go at the next level.

1. Doug Anderson, Detroit

Anderson will most likely go undrafted, but he has worked out for several teams so far, and all are probably blown away by his leaping ability. He’s a career five for five in dunk contests and took home the crown at the NCAA competition, completing each dunk on the first try (what a concept!). He’s a little undersized, playing the small forward at 6-6, but even the doubters can’t question his hops.


Andre Roberson, Colorado

Mason Plumlee, Duke

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