TOK Game Recap – Knicks Season Just About Over


The New York Knicks season was pushed to the brink tonight with another lackluster effort against the Indiana Pacers, as they fell 93-82. Eleven points doesn’t do justice to how one sided this game felt. The Knicks went down immediately and were never really in the game. We’ve seen this movie before. Outside of the 4th quarter in the Game 2, the Knicks have been thoroughly out-classed by the Indiana Pacers this entire series.

Fans continue to clamor for Chris Copeland and Pablo Prigioni and yes both deserve way more playing time but the problems run WAY deeper than that. Copeland and Prigioni aren’t the difference in this series. The Knicks aren’t beating Indiana with JR Smith being this horridly awful. The Knicks aren’t beating Indiana with Roy Hibbert grabbing 6 offensive rebounds and Ian Mahinmi grabbing 4 offensive rebounds. The Pacers are just better than the this current version of the Knicks, period.

By this current version, I mean the team who has showed up since JR Smith elbowed Jason Terry at the end of Game 3 of the Celtics series. The version that has no number two scorer for Carmelo Anthony. The version that has a mediocre center. The version that plays Jason Kidd 15-20 minutes per night when he hasn’t scored a point in seven games.

The New York media will likely pile on Anthony for his 9-23 performance but with the league’s best defense able to solely focus on him…since nobody else can hit a damn shot, I’m not sure what else he can do.

Sadly, it looks like this season is about to end with a whimper, not a bang. The Knicks haven’t even been competitive this series and there is no reason to think they are capable of extending it another game. Mike Woodson has had circled coached around him by Frank Vogel and generally speaking the Knicks looked like a team resigned to their fate tonight.

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