TOK Roundtable – Early Season Panic Edition


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Do you think the Knicks have a real chance of missing the playoffs?

Joe Caporoso - At 2-4, it is probably too early to say that, however the ingredients for an implosion sadly seem to be in place: killer Tyson Chandler injury, insane owner, struggling Carmelo Anthony, endless lineup changes and a regression season from JR Smith. The Knicks can still turn it around and we all know how weak the bottom of the Eastern Conference is but these are scary times. However, maybe this will be a team that gels towards the end of the season, manages to get in with 38-42 wins and then can make noise in the playoffs.

Chris CellettiQuite frankly, no. Now, this isn’t borne in any real confidence in the Knicks, but in my lack of belief that there will be eight Eastern Conference teams with a better record than the Knicks on April 16, 2014, which is the date of the Knicks’ 82nd and final regular season game. We are still just six games into the season. Things are not good, but there is a ton of time to fix things. I’m not talking about fixing them to the point where the Knicks win the division, or turn themselves into a legitimate contender in the conference – things that are really unlikely to happen at this point. But I simply mean getting in the top-8, since that’s what the question was. I need to see it stay this bad for much, much longer before I start truly thinking the Knicks will miss the playoffs entirely. 

Kevin Smith - I’m certainly more skeptical of this team now than I was at the beginning of the year, but I’m not quite ready to hit the panic button just yet. Most of my “confidence” comes from the fact that there’s still 70-plus more games to play. Right now the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets are in the basement of the Eastern Conference while teams like Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Milwaukee hold on to playoff spots. This simply isn’t going to last. While some of those teams might be able to do enough to hang on to a berth, none of them have the talent and depth that New York does. In due time, the cream will rise to the top. Although it’s easier said than done, for now, the Knicks just have to whether the storm until Tyson Chandler returns to balance out the defense. Believe it or not, the sky isn’t falling.

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