TOK Roundtable: JR Smith Edition


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What do you think is JR Smith’s future in New York?

Joe Caporoso - Smith is a hard player to root for at this point. You get the impression of a player sulking around the locker room and coach because his brother (who was wholly unworthy of a roster spot) was released. Smith’s antics are easy to laugh at when he is playing well and the team is succeeding but now that the Knicks are trying to claw back to .500 and Smith hasn’t been that good…it is exhausting. Unless some major blowup occurs, I’d expect him to finish the season here and then for the team to find a way to send him packing in the off-season.

Chris Celletti -  I believe that Smith is going to be here for the remainder of this season, at the very least. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that’s what either side truly wants at this point. Although, the idea that J.R. Smith is unmovable is a bit far-fetched, for me. Much worse contracts, on worse players have been moved in the past. Although a lot of times we like to ignore it, J.R. does have plenty of talent. And where there’s talent, there’s always someone who thinks they’re the one to keep the subject in check and harness the talent. Perhaps that’s a ship that’s sailed in J.R.’s case, but I bet he has one more chance in him. That might have to happen with the Knicks though, because if they did try to move him, they’d likely have to sweeten the pot with another player (Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway, Jr.) or (GASP!) a draft choice. Chances are the Knicks see how he responds to this latest game of yo-yo, and play the season out. Then perhaps in the offseason, this gets revisited. 

Kevin Smith - If there were any suitors for Smith, he’d be gone in a New York minute, but what can the Knicks legitimately expect in return for last year’s Sixth Man of the Year? I would love to see the team look towards the future and let Tim Hardaway Jr. run free, but management isn’t going to give J.R. away for pennies on the dollar. For this reason only, J.R. Smith will be with the Knicks through the end of the 2013-14 season. Come summertime, anything goes.

Aaron Jacobs - The Knicks were suckers from the beginning when it came to dealing with J.R. Smith this off-season. When was the last time a 6th man of the year didn’t get a single offer on the free agent market? I can’t think of one. The untying of the shoelaces isn’t as big a deal as everyone has seemingly made it, however yelling at your head coach, showing up late to team meetings and playing very inconsistently on the court justifies his benching in my opinion. Rumors are swirling of a Andre Miller for J.R. Smith trade which would make sense for both clubs, but regardless of the deal at this point if I were in the Knicks front office I would be trying to trade him for a pick or player of use now, because Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr. are young players that should be developed now for the future.

Realistically the Knicks are more than likely stuck with him at least till the ends of this season, after that, who knows.

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