TOK Roundtable – Something Positive Edition?


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Talk about one positive development you’ve seen from the Knicks this season

Joe Caporoso - THJ is probably the most appropriate answer. It is nice to see the Knicks find a competent rotation player who can bring some juice on offense and energy to the court for this generally lifeless team. Beyond that, the Knicks are SO bad right now, that it is hard to fathom they can’t possibly get somewhat better at some point and put themselves in position to grab a playoff spot in the putrid Eastern Conference. I’m not sure if firing Mike Woodson kick starts that or the return of Tyson Chandler does. However, I do think they can manage better than 5-15 in their next 20 games from simple being in the Eastern Conference and eventually shooting the ball a little better.

Chris CellettiTim Hardaway, Jr. is the first thing that comes to mind. I think he’s actually already a better pro than he was a college player, in that his skill set just fits the modern NBA. He’s shooting 50% from 3-point range on the right side of court, including 7/13 (53%) from the right corner. The corner three is a huge weapon in today’s NBA, and Hardaway has a penchant for making them (at least from one side) early in his career. While the Knicks haven’t defended very well when he’s been on the court, at the very least there’s some energy when Hardaway is on the floor. He gets out in transition and is aggressive going to the hole – 25% of his attempts thus far this season have been at the rim, which is something the Knicks lack in abundance. He still has a long way to go, but it’s possible the Knicks have a solid young rotation player for years to come in our past nemesis’ son.

Outsdie of THJ, Pablo Prigioni is Pablo Prigioni, and Carmelo Anthony is rebounding the ball at a career-best rate. That’s about it.

Kevin Smith - There aren’t too many uplifting things to take from a 5-14 ball club, but despite their futility, the Knicks are only 3.5 games out of a home playoff round in the playoffs. With noting positive of note to speak about the team, at least the other teams in the Eastern Conference are equally putrid. All the Knicks had to do without Tyson Chandler in the lineup was keep their heads above water, and while it’s safe to say they failed to do that, at least they’re still in the thick of the playoff race. Also, Dolan is exhibiting a lot more patience than what we’ve come to expect. I thought for sure that Shump and Woodson would be long gone by now.

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