Turn On The Knicks 12 Pack, Week 3 Edition


Since we last checked in, the Knicks knocked off Charlotte on the road, were humiliated by the Spurs, got a nice road win over the Hawks and then lost a heartbreaker last night to the Rockets. Here are 12 observations on your currently 3-5 New York Knickerbockers.

1. I agree with fellow writer Chris Celletti on the ongoing Jeremy Lin discussion among Knicks fans. It is over, guys. This was two seasons ago. Every thing that happens on the basketball court for the Knicks doesn’t need to be dissected through a prism related to Lin. It is time to move on. Can we keep the focus on the 2013-2014 Knicks (there are MORE than enough issues there) and not a point guard from two seasons ago?

2. Andrea Bargnani has strung together a pretty good all-around week of basketball. Over the last four games he is 33-62 from the field, while averaging 21 points per game, along with 6 rebounds per game. More importantly, there has been some measured progress on defense. He isn’t a GOOD defender by any means but is taking steps in the right direction.

3. Making repeated desperate attempts to trade Iman Shumpert, doesn’t seem to make much sense does it? This is part of what you sign up for right now as a Knicks fans, bizarre transactions not based upon logic. It is generally unwise to trade away homegrown talent, especially a player who has the ability to thrive at both ends of the court.

4. Curious if the Pacers will still be undefeated by the time they come to MSG this Wednesday. Could be a nice opportunity for slight revenge from last year (pictures Roy Hibbert grabbing 23 rebounds and Lance Stephenson mean mugging)….maybe not.

5. Oh, hey the Nets are 2-5 and lost by 21 points to Sacramento. At least the Knicks aren’t first in the “New York Teams Who Should Be Panicking” standings.

6. Tim Hardaway Jr continues to have an encouraging rookie year. The numbers may not always back it up but he looks like he belongs and plays with a high degree of confidence. If Iman Shumpert (probably not an if but a when) his role should increase even more. THJ isn’t anywhere near a Shumpert replacement yet but maybe down the road can turn into a very capable starter.

7. The Knicks have 27 total games before their Christmas Day home game (in those horrifically UGLY jerseys) against the Thunder…if they can get into that game at 14-13, they are effectively treading water as they wait for Tyson Chandler’s return. Looking at the schedule, that record should be doable.

8. 25K fine for JR Smith because he threatened to put a hit out on Brandon Jennings in Detroit because Jennings made fun of his brother on Twitter. I wish I had made up that previous sentence up. DELETE THE TWITTER ACCOUNT, JR! Nobody’s Twitter account has cost them more money in American history than JR Smith.

9. I’ll be impressed if James Dolan guarantees a win before the Knicks/Pacers game this week.

10. Ray Felton has taken an ugly step back so far this season. Is it time to sit him down for a couple of weeks to get him fully healthy? Could the Knicks be better off with him coming off the bench? Mike Woodson has never seen a line-up change he doesn’t like, right?

11. Been a quiet Metta World Peace season so far…in a good way. So calm and well-behaved!


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