Turn On The Knicks Throwback Thursday – St. Patrick’s Day Jerseys


St. Patrick’s Day is on it’s way, and we here at Turn On The Knicks are feeling a little green. For six seasons, the Knicks felt festive around this time of year too, and showed that everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day with hideous green uniforms.

KNICKS_200_060317 nykgreenjersey_060227_200



Sometimes a few Guinesses brings out the creativity in New Yorkers


New York debuted their all-green set back in 2006. They were worn mostly at home, and after awhile were expanded for use on more than just St. Patrick’s Day. Back in 2009, the Knicks sported them at home for a Christmas Day matchup with the Miami Heat, who fittingly wore their road reds. They pulled the same stunt the very next year against the Bulls. Doesn’t get much cornier than that.


2009 also marked the inaugural NBA Green Week. These seven days, usually in April, give the league a chance to spread the word about their environmental friendliness by distributing cotton free warmups to their players and ramping up recycling efforts at their arenas. Personally, I’m a little skeptical about what the NBA does to go green, considering every time I buy a beer a Madison Square Garden, my cap goes right in the garbage. Nonetheless, this week was an obvious reason for the Knicks to go green as well.

Nate Robinson brought fame to the green jerseys while winning the 2009 Dunk Contest. “Krypto-Nate” did a whole superhero shtick while taking down Dwight Howard, who was trying his hardest to be Superman. Remember when I said that it didn’t get cornier than wearing green and red jerseys on Christmas Day? I lied.

The green uniforms may not be the prettiest, or pretty at all, but they’ve sure brought more luck than this season’s orange ones. The Knicks aren’t expected to wear green in 2014, but I’m sure they’ll break them out again sometime in the near future, especially if James Dolan wants to make a little extra green.

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