Turn On The Knicks Throwback Thursday – Nasty Injuries


This week’s TOK Throwback Thursday isn’t for the faint of heart. In a cruel way, Kevin Ware’s gruesome leg break has captivated America. I can’t remember the last time so many people who never expressed interest in basketball before approached me to get my take on the situation. Sadly, it has nothing to do with the beauty of the game. Ware’s injury is by far the most brutal I’ve ever seen on a basketball court, but some NBA players have come close to matching it. Today we show you how the Knicks were involved.

How does Andrew Bogut’s unfortunate fall involve the Knicks, you might ask. Well, it was Amar’e Stoudemire’s missed jumper that led to the fast break. Most Bucks fans blame Stoudemire for pushing Bogut off the rim, but the contact looked incidental. Still, STAT gets booed every time he plays in Milwaukee, although the fans have to be content with management dishing Bogut off for Monta Ellis.

Bogut escaped the fall with “only” a dislocated elbow. When it originally happened I thought he might never play basketball again, but the current Warriors big man has been quite successful when healthy. Unfortunately, this spill heads a laundry list of medical troubles for him.

This is far from a throwback, but is still one of the nastier injuries in Knicks history. I was at The Garden when it happened and was involved in the collective gasp of the whole arena when the replay was showed on the jumbotron. It’s an unfair way to go out for Davis, who left behind a highlight-filled career, but most fans will remember him for his flashy play with the Hornets and Warriors as opposed to his backup role wearing number 85 for the Knicks.

Davis tore his ACL and MCL during the ordeal while also partially tearing his patella tendon. We’d all love to see him attempt a comeback, but the announcement of his own television show makes that seem unlikely. If nothing else, B-Diddy has always been an entertainer.

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