Turn On The Knicks Throwback Thursday – Free Agency Blunders: Jerome James


The New York Knicks may have never won a championship in the last 40 years, but you can’t say that they aren’t trying. Their teams are almost always built through free agency and a staple amongst the league leaders in paying the luxury tax. Money can’t buy everything, and if you offer a lot of cash to the wrong talent, eventually you’re going to get burned. As we shift our Throwback Thursday focus away from the horrendous draft blunders and in to free agency, we advise those Knicks fans with blood pressure issues to simply move on to the next post.

Jerome James averaged only 4.9 points and 3.0 rebounds for the Seattle Supersonics during the 2004-05 regular season, but went on an absolute tear in the playoffs, posting a whopping 12.5 with 6.8 boards. The Knicks and Lakers were absent from the playoffs for the first time in forever that year (yes I looked that number up), which had to have David Stern full panic mode, but for those teams only translates to SPEND MONEY!  Something about James’s 11 postseason games must have really done it for Isiah Thomas, because, you know, Eddy Curry wasn’t enough human mass for one NBA roster. Like only Isiah could do, he paid $30 million to a guy that basketball-reference.com lists at 300 pounds.

Here he is in his Sonics days getting worked by Shaq from about 15 feet away of the basket.

James played four of the five years he signed up for in New York, totaling just 90 games. His best statistical season of his time in blue and orange was his first, when he put up 3.0 points 2.0 rebounds and a half a block in 45 games. He would play only two games in both of his last seasons as a Knick, but on the bright side, he left the NBA with a bang, featuring per 36s of 25.2 points and 16.2 rebounds in those four contests.

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