Turn On The Knicks Throwback Thursday – Houston’s Running Jumper


With most Knicks fans down in the dumps, TOK is not only offering you a shoulder to cry on, but also attempting to brighten your spirits by reminiscing on the good times. Just like last week, we’re revisiting 1999.

14 years ago to the date, the New York Knicks made NBA history by joining the 1994 Denver Nuggets as the only eight-seeds to upset a number one. The best-of-five format made pulling off the unthinkable much more feasible in those days, but a gritty Knicks squad featuring the late game heroics of Allan Houston was able to get the job done. I remember celebrating this shot with “Knicks fans” who all jumped ship when the going got tough just a few years later.

The Heat are bound to cruise to a championship this year, so if nothing else Knicks fans can find some joy in seeing Zo and company at one of their lowest moments.

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