Turn On The Knicks Throwback Thursday – Knicks-Suns Brawl


Twelve years ago today the Phoenix Suns retired Kevin Johnson’s number seven, and deservedly so. He was a lock to be amongst the league leaders in assists during his prime, currently ranking 18th all-time, and was way ahead of other point guards of his era in terms of athleticism. Johnson is now the Mayor of Sacramento and is working furiously to find a way to keep the Kings from moving to Seattle. So what’s Knicks fans problem with the former Phoenix All-Star?

Don’t be fooled by the first skirmish. The real fireworks start right after the half (3:45 of the video), when Doc Rivers gets knocked down by Johnson while trying to set a screen and immediately pops right up to chase him down. Greg Anthony takes it to a whole other level (at 4:20 of the video) when he sucker punches Johnson in his street clothes. The best evidence we have of it is the picture below. That’s Anthony in the whacky 90′s shirt being restrained by Pat Riley.

greg anthony

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