Two In A Row! – Knicks 121, Magic 83


Two in a row! Who cares who its been against? The Knicks need to string wins together to get out of this hole, and they need to beat (other) bad teams in order to do that. Last night the Magic we’re the team who obliged. Here are some thoughts.

- That’s the Carmelo Anthony that everybody wants to see more consistently. They’re going to be games where he needs to shoot more than 10 shots, but it’s nice to see him able to lean on his teammates to make shots. He continues to rebound the ball really well, and most importantly he’s been able to get some rest in the latter stages of these past two games which have been blowouts. He can’t continue playing 40 minutes a night.

- I’m not sure whether to attribute this to Mike Woodson or simply just the players but boy have the Knicks looked like last season’s team in these past two games. It helps when shots go down early, but the Knicks are finally taking and making a lot of threes again. You can say its not a smart strategy to lean so heavily on the three and there were a lot of people who called it unsustainable last season, but a lot of the top teams in the league these days are very good 3 point shooting teams. The Knicks have a lot of guys who should be solid 3 point shooters and they need to play that strength a little more than they have in the early portion of the season. They’ve done that the past two games and they’ve blown two inferior teams out.

- Amare Stoudemire played pretty well in Brooklyn the other night, but the Knicks have simply been a much better team when Carmelo plays and Stoudemire doesn’t. I don’t have the exact record in front of me but I know its not in favor of STAT.

- Tim Hardaway Jr has been on fire from deep recently and he continued it last night. Over the past three games he has made 12 of 21 from beyond the arc. He has certainly earned consistent playing time.

- Iman Shumpert may take himself too seriously at times what with his whole “mad at the world” thing, but we’re all for whatever’s making him play like he has the past two games. If he’s mad at the world that’s just fine then.

- It was nice to see Metta World Peace contribute no? I know the next are pretty crowded and playing time is at a premium but I think they can carve out a bit more of a role for him than they have so far.

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