Warriors 126, Knicks 103: Game Recap


Rock bottom (noun) – the lowest possible level

By that definition, there can only be one rock bottom. Last night for the Knicks seemed like it. But I promise you, as much as it pains me to do so, that it can get worse. I hope it doesn’t. But it can. Still, the Knicks’ 126-103 loss to the Warriors may have been their worst performance of the year, because the Knicks looked like they barely gave a crap.

- This thing was over, I think, at 13-6 when the Knicks called a timeout. If the Knicks had any interest in winning this game, it seemed to be over by then. Klay Thompson had his way early on with Pablo Prigioni, who couldn’t stay in front of him, and things didn’t improve when J.R. Smith predictably came in at the 7 minute mark (although J.R. did start off hot from the field). Outside of their normally-terrible defense, the Knicks had four turnovers in the first quarter, a cardinal sin against Golden State.

- Carmelo Anthony got off to a really rough start, and this game was a lesson in how bad the Knicks are when Melo isn’t other-worldly. There are many ways to defeat these Knicks, one of them simply being showing up to the arena and playing standard basketball. But another way is to shut down Melo, which Andre Iguodala did early on. Having a good defensive big like Andrew Bogut to challenge Melo at the rim helped, too. Melo finished with 26 points (despite needing 26 shots to do so) and 16 rebounds, so despite the tough slog on the offensive end, he still wasn’t a bystander out there.

- The Knicks’ perimeter defense was nonexistent, which obviously lit up the eyes of Thompson and Stephen Curry. The duo combined for 52 points, making 10-of-21 from 3-point range. Clyde Frazier said it best early on, noting that if “any Knicks defender loses their man, they knew where to look for them”, meaning behind the arc. Well, the Knicks consistently lost Curry and Thompson, but sure didn’t find them.

- Earl Clark played 11 minutes and had 8 points and 4 rebounds. This was edition 1 of our new daily Earl Clark update. 

- That’s now 11 losses in the last 13 games. Five in a row. The Knicks are 21-38 and 6 games out of a playoff spot.

- Mike Woodson is still employed.

- Don’t worry folks, it gets easier. The Knicks head to Chicago tomorrow, and could be without Carmelo Anthony, with the early diagnosis being a right hand sprain.

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